How to tell if you’re getting VALUE

Are Big Tech Companies Actually Giving Value?
Shiny price packages lure us in, low stated prices make us stay – but are we really getting the value and security we expect from large telecommunication technology companies? People want and need dependable security that makes them more secure – or what’s the point in investing any money at all?

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Herein lies the fundamental difference between just purchasing the lowest cost camera package and finding a security company: your safety and security are worth your investment! So, where can you find value? In the words of the Canadian Security Association (CANASA):

“If you currently do not own a security system and have been thinking about getting one, always make sure you try to meet with a minimum of three companies in order to compare services and costs. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about products and services—electronic security professionals are there to help define your individual security needs. Find out how long the security company has been in business, and look for evidence of the company’s areas of expertise and employee training. Discuss your needs with companies who are members of associations like CANASA because they all are governed by a membership code of ethics, which can be used to help resolve ethical issues that may arise down the road.”

As one US reviewing service concluded, “After reviewing all the top home security systems for 2017, we found that reputation, recognition, technology, and dependability matter the most.”

Why look into an accredited security company? What should you look for?

  • Customized solutions
    • “The size and layout of your home and property must be taken into consideration,” says Joe O’Connell of ADT, “when designing a security system. However, the basic elements of a standard system include a key pad, a control panel, a siren, an inside motion detector, at least two door contacts, as well as connection to a central monitoring station.”
    • Just owning and hooking up cameras may seem like a low-cost security alternative, but if there’s no dedicated person to monitor the video, does it make a difference at all? It’s hard to think of constantly watching your mobile security video app as a convenient, or reliable security option. A company like Tek Systems Group can give you the same interactive security features, with the peace of mind of your home’s security being monitored! Notifications of irregular activity (through interactive monitoring) is the best way to integrate video camera footage.
  • ‘Street Cred’
    • A legal corporation monitoring your home or business gives the advantage of a professional presence. An alarm company sticker helps keep intruders away – since thieves look for easy targets. In fact, 85% “of police chiefs said security systems decrease the likelihood a home will be burglarized…” (National Burglar Fire Alarm Association, Electronic Security Association)
  • Other dangers
    • Hidden dangers of smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, flooding, extreme temperatures etc. are all wrapped up by alarm and security companies. Years of industry experience show that sometimes the most common dangers are not the ones that first come to a customer’s mind.

Tek Systems Group is a member of CANASA, doesn’t do cookie-cutter solutions (a sales representative takes a look at what your home or business actually needs, and only gives you the best), has easily recognizable stickers for your windows, and offers all of the hidden danger monitoring specs mentioned above. For good reason, many have entrusted their safety to this local company that’s been a Central Ontario industry pillar  for the last 25 years.